The Next in the Great Series of Books by Mary Pope Osborn

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While most people who have read or bought Magic Tree House books are more familiar with the first series, in which Jack and Annie are sent on particular missions for Morgan le Fay, not many are aware that a second series is available. The second series of books are, in general, longer and seem to be aimed at a slightly older age bracket. The “Merlin Missions” series may have been written this way to hold on to the imaginations of the children that have already read the original series.

In the second series of books, much like the first, Jack and Annie go on various missions across many different lands in order to help Merlin, a commonly referred to wizard of ancient times, in his needs. These quests often take place in more fantastical worlds, rather than in the first series, where it was based mainly in reality.

No matter which series you read, either for yourself or with your children, you will be sure to have hours of enjoyment and use of your imagination. As millions of people all over the world, even in Japan, have found, reading these fantastical stories and being able to live vicariously through young and tenacious people can be even better than watching television show curtailing imaginative freedom. This will not only be a good thing for kids who need to have strong imaginations in order to have dreams and aspirations of their later life, but it can also help adults who may have forgotten what it was like to truly allow their imagination run wild.

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