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The Magic Tree House series of books has been entertaining children of all ages since 1992 with the first release of the Dinosaurs Before Dark book that was only the start to the series popularity. Mary Pope Osborne is the inventor and writer of this series of children’s novels. Mary is an American writer who has put a lot of time and effort into these stories and is why the books have been flying off the shelves. Much like the beloved Harry Potter series where people would line up to get their hands on the first issues of the next book, the Magic Tree House series sells very quickly as anticipating children plead with their parents to buy the books for them.

The first series of the Magic Tree House books consisted of 28 different stories. The books are based around two children named Jack and Annie who go off on adventures in fantasy and reality so that they can help their friend who is placed under a spell. The second series started out with the first book of this series called Merlin Missions where Jack and Annie do some great deeds for the magician Merlin while they adventure around their little world. In all there are 45 books in the two different series of fictional tales full of adventure and fun. It is easy to tell why the children love reading these books since the characters are very relative to the fantasies of children.

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