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Mary Pope Osborne, creator of the ‘Magic Tree House’ books, continues to pop up on children’s best sellers lists. The series of stories have been translated to 29 languages and are sold in 31 countries. In January 2009 The Magic Tree house was even made into a musical and was performed at the Sandler Center in Virginia Beach. Osborne has also turned down many movie offers, as she didn’t want to take away from the children’s imaginations. Many critics have claimed however that the first four books are poorly written and make a poor example for children.

The series was created in July of 1998, with the first book being called ‘Dinosaurs Before Dark’, after which she wrote 27 other stories. The second set of mysteries was in full swing in 2001; the first of this new series, ‘Christmas in Camelot’. This set of chronicles are called ‘Magic Tree House Merlin Missions’, after Merlin the Magician. These stories revolved around two siblings aged eight and seven years old named Jack and Annie, who have discovered a magic tree house in the woods filled with books. Magical travel became easy for them as all they had to do is point to a location they want to travel to to be transported to that location. Along with the traveling adventures, the children are also taken through time travel in history, making it educational too. What is Mary Pope Osborne’s next up coming adventure? How about a book on Bible stories and a Mystery Tree House book based on Leonardo Da Vinci!

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