Magic Tree House Books Reading Level

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If you have a child who is in need of a new form of entertainment that is both enjoyable and educational, the Magic Tree House is the perfect choice. Children are old enough to be introduced to the Magic Tree House during the second grade but they are sure to continue enjoying it for years.

Children who read the Magic Tree House not only enjoy adventures with memorable characters they will bond with, but also learn about history from around the entire world. From adventures with Vikings to dinosaurs to Egyptians to ancient Chinese emperors, your child will love the adventures he takes with Jack and Anne during their many Merlin Missions.

Perfect for all children from second to sixth grade, the Magic Tree House series consists of 44 adventures, all of them sure to entertain your child and have him reading it over and over again.

No matter what interests your child, there is sure to be the perfect Magic Tree House novel to introduce him to the exciting world of Jack and Anne: his own world. Your child will enjoy these adventures as well as gain an appreciation for the world he lives in and its rich and varied history.

The Lexile level of these books is 350-440 and is sure to challenge every child to become a better reader as he takes adventures through time and history. No matter what level your child reads at comfortably, these books are sure to be interesting enough to engage his interest as he improves his reading skills.

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