Magic Tree House Books 1-4

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For years writer Mary Pope Osborne has been a master at creating children’s fantasy books that appeal to their inner being. With excitement, enchantment, and wonder the Magic Tree House series is a household name revolving around the epic stories of “Jack and Annie” We have an overview of a few of Ms Osborne’s top Magic Tree House Books.

Dinosaurs Before Dark:

Jack and Annie have no idea about the adventure that is bestowed upon them. Out of nowhere the magical tree house takes them away to times past in dinosauric world. Do they have the cunning to figure out how to get back home or will they end up on a T-Rex’s feeding plate?

The Knight at Dawn:

After navigating their way from being Dinosaur food Jack and Annie get caught up in another world of knights and ancient castles. A feast is about to commence in the Great Hall but Jack and his pal are not quite welcomed.

Mummies in the Morning:

Jack and Annie are taking away through the magic tree to Egyptian past where they encounter their nemesis, a deceased queen and her 1,000 year old mummy. Time is against them as they try to find their way home.

Pirates Past Noon:

Jack and Annie are in hot water again as the magic tree house transports the two to the dangerous seas of old. Where hidden treasure, secret maps, and evil pirates lurk will they find riches while avoiding “walking the plank”? Will the two find out who the Mysterious M really is?

The Magic Tree House series are highly acclaimed that are not only bought by parents but are even incorporated in school lessons. Ms. Osborne has poured her talents in a wonderful stew that both kids and the child in adults will all enjoy.

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