How Magic Tree House Books Enrich Lives

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With over thirty-five titles in her collection of youth books, Mary Pope Osborne has authored some of the most inspirational and imaginative youth books since the Narnia. Mary Pope Osborne’s books offer great gifts for children and the parents of children as they not only help your children to read they allow their imaginations to run rampant. The latter is especially important in today’s age of text messaging, the internet, television and video games, many children are imaginatively handicapped. However, with the help of Mary Pope Osborne parents now have more of an opportunity to enrich their children’s imagination and thereby, their lives.

By giving these books as a gift you offer parents the chance to connect with their kids more than just by watching the new Transformers movie or playing on their gaming console. When kids and parents read together it turns reading into something more enjoyable than a chore for school, it can turn it into something that becomes a favorite pastime later in life.

Reading not only opens up imaginations and helps parents connect but it can also lead to a more fruitful life. When people read they tend to use more creative ways of solving problems and can develop better processes than their counterparts who haven’t or don’t read for enjoyment. The Magic Tree House books are great for expanding possibilities, now and in the future which also makes them the perfect gifts for those who have children or for the children themselves.

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