Have Fun and Learn with Magic Tree House Games

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If your child or a child in your life likes the Magic Tree House series of books, they will also be very fond of Magic Tree House games. What’s great about these games is not only are they a lot of fun, but they are actually educational. Instead of worrying that you are allowing your child to waste too much time playing games, you can feel good about the time they spend playing Magic Tree House Games.

For just $5.99, Amazon offers an excellent MTH book of games. This book also features puzzles. If you’re skeptical that this type of book is only interested in capitalizing on the Magic Tree House brand, you’ll be happy to know that it stays true to the series and provides a lot of value to children. As a parent or someone who is around children, you know that history can be a very difficult subject to make interesting for a young age group. But because this book of MTH games and puzzles frames history in a fun and engaging way, kids will actually enjoy their time learning.

Another benefit of this book is its size. At 256 pages in length, it’s not something that kids will blow through as soon as they sit down with it. In fact, a parent who reviewed this book said that it kept her child engaged and entertained for hours on end. Whether you are looking for a quality gift or simply want to give your child a nice surprise, any early elementary school kid will be pleased with this book.

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