Exploring the Wonderful World of the Magic Tree House

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Author Mary Pope Osborne has captivated the young minds of children with over 40 books that she has written over the years. Her most memorable come from the Magic Tree House series and offer a wide range of fantastic stories that have a historical and educational background. The vocabulary is strong and offers a great amount of words for young children to learn. Some of the best stories deal with the characters of Annie and Jack traveling through time or space or both! Children just seem to be drawn to these amazing books and enjoy several of the adventures that Jack and Annie get into.

Some of the best stories from the Magic Tree House Books are now available on audio CD. This allows you to let your children hear the great stories told by a nice and enthusiastic voice cast. The stories are very nice and can be used to help your children have something nice to hear. The stories make wonderful bed time stories if you are unable to read them one of the books or if they cannot yet read the books themselves. It is a great idea to look into purchasing both the books and the audio CD set so that they can read along when the story is told by the excellent story telling talents. One of this week’s featured products in our Magic Tree House store is the Magic Tree House Collection: Books 1-8.

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