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Almost every school library and many church libraries carry Mary Pope Osborne’s massively successful Magic Tree House books. As of 2008, the series had sold over 2 million copies. Ideal as a read-to-me books for preschoolers and early grade school kids, or as illustrated first chapter books for newer readers of about 7 or 8, the books are easy to read, packed with adventure and action, and teach history and natural science in a very fun and educational way.


Magic Tree House Merlin Mission

Christmas in Camelot


Jack and Annie go on a quest to save Camelot, a quest that will prove to a beleaguered King Arthur that children and imagination really can make a difference. Eventually Jack and Annie break the spell over Camelot and meet the Knight of the Round Table, most notably Sir Lancelot. This is also the first story where Merlin the Magician sends Jack and Annie on an adventure instead of Morgan, having learned of their abilities from Morgan le Fay.

Haunted Castle on Hallow’s Eve


Jack, Annie and Teddy must restore order to a duke’s castle, on the outer realm of Camelot, for Merlin. Jack and Annie reunite with Teddy from the Enchanted Dog arc who becomes a recurring character in the rest of the books. It is also the first book where Jack and Annie perform their own magic.

Summer of the Sea Serpent


Jack and Annie must retrieve the Sword of Light for Merlin for all the good of Camelot. Jack and Annie meet Kathleen, who, along with Teddy, becomes a recurring character in the books, acting as their sidekick and a possible love interest for Jack. Jack and Annie retrieve the Sword of Light and earn the right to wield it.

Winter of the Ice Wizard


Jack and Annie must go on a mission for the evil Ice Wizard, which is retrieving one of his eyes, in order to free Merlin and Morgan.

Carnival at Candelight


ack and Annie must go and save Venice, Italy, from a flood disaster, but Merlin’s instructions are confusing. The next four books are part of an arc where Jack and Annie complete missions to prove to Merlin that they can use magic wisely.

All together, there are 49 fiction books named. In addition, a number of Magic Tree House Research Guides have been written by the author, her husband Will and her sister Natalie Pope Bryce. The books were so successful that a musical was written by Randy Courts and Will Osbbourne. The musical toured to 55 cities in the 2008-2009. Below, you can hear an extract from the musical.

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