Interesting Facts About The Magic Tree House Books

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The Magic Tree House books are amazingly famous, all around the world. Written by popular American author, Mary Pope Osborne, the Magic Tree House books are actually award-winning stories, that children still adore. In fact, the Magic Tree House books were released in different series, but all of them were equally successful. The initial series was formed by the first 28 Magic Tree House books. Still, the story presented throughout the whole series is focused on the adventures of Jack and Annie, two children, who will get involved in a variety of fun and interesting situations.

The Magic Tree House books story begins with Jack and Annie being sent by Morgan le Fay on a series of missions. The purpose is to help him get rid of a magical spell, but not only. Annie and Jack will also have to save four ancient stories from being lost forever. The two children will naturally be sent on missions with a magic tree house. As the first series of Magic Tree House books turned out to be a huge success, the author of this great children’s books decided to continue writing the story. So, Mary Pope Osborne launched the second Magic Tree House books series under the name of Magic Tree House “Merlin Missions”. Naturally, the main characters will remain Annie and Jack, but this time the two will be given missions by the old famous wizard Merlin. The action takes place in the ancient lands of Camelot.

If the first 28 books released under the Magic Tree House series were shorter, these last ones are much complex. There are 20 Magic Tree House books released under this second series. All Magic Tree House books are considered to be very good for children both due to the wonderful and really interesting action and the fact that children have a lot to learn from this stories. Each book presents interesting historical places and various locations that Jack and Annie have to visit to be able to complete their missions. The appreciation that the Magic Tree House books have received until now and their importance is best proved by the fact that more than 2 million copies of the story have been soled until now.

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