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The Magic Tree House books are a series of 28 books released between 1992 and 2003. After this initial series, another one was released under the additional name tag The Merlin Missions. In these Magic Tree House books, the main characters are still Jack and Annie, just as in the first series. The difference lies in the fact that the two children now receive their quests from Merlin, the famous Ancient magician. These adventures are filled with charm and, just as the initial 28 Magic Tree House books series, will teach your children a lot of new things. The Magic Tree House books Merlin Missions started to be published in 2001. The last issue of the Magic Tree House books Merlin Missions appeared in July, 2012, and there are still several books announced for future release.

20 of the new Magic Tree House books series have been released so far. Each of these has entered the two characters in new fictional worlds, during quests provided for Jack and Annie by Merlin the Magician. The initial book, Christmas in Camelot, is the connection made between the original story of Merlin and that of the two children. Jack and Annie are sent on a quest to Camelot. The following three releases also rely on the Quest to Save Camelot theme. The books released in 2005 and in 2006 are based on the Using Magic Wisely Arc. These are aimed at developing the child’s interest for magical elements and for the fascinating world of mysticism. The following three Arcs released so far are: Happiness, Inspiring and Penny’s Spell.

Just like the initial series of the Magic Tree House books, the Merlin Missions are suitable for children of all ages. These stories will fascinate them completely and will motivate them to be brave and curious about the elements in their lives. It is important to keep your children entertained and interested in knowledge, as well as to provide them with a magical world, through which they can dream and create new games. The Magic Tree House books series are the perfect additions to a great childhood!

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