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Maybe Mary Pope Osborne would not have become famous if it was not for the books she wrote called Magic Tree House Books. Magic Tree House Books are one of the most famous  in the whole world, specially written for children. The main characters are Annie and Jack, two children that have a lot of adventures and travel in many different worlds. The little ones are able to travel with the two main characters and live each moment and each action at the fullest at the same time, while they read Magic Tree House Books. Magic Tree House Books take the characters back in time, reaching even the era when dinosaurs lived. With so many new things and adventures, Magic Tree House Books by Mary Pope Osborne are wonderful, as everything is described in a very authentic style.

Magic Tree House Books are a series of 28 books, so your child will experience a lot of magic and adventure with the two characters and there will be a lot of challenges to get over. Actually, the numerous adventures and trips taken by characters have many important missions, the most important being that of helping  the two grow up and become wiser and with more and  a richer life experience. A new adventure in Magic Tree House Books is actually a new lesson that your children will learn, too if they will read the book.

Each book of the Magic Tree House Books has something different and your kids will not be bored at all. Magic Tree House Books is educational, but also very recreational as it entwines nice things, adventure and magic with growing up and life lessons, wisdom and key life principles. Your kid will be fascinated, but at the same time, will learn new things about history, evolution, animals, life, people, so in case  you want to offer your child a nice, but also useful gift, Magic Tree House Books are perfect for that.

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