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One of the most appreciated book series in the world is the Magic Tree House books. These transport children into imaginary realms, put their imagination to work into solving different tasks, as well as having the opportunity to meet famous historical characters. What better way to broaden the horizon of children than to read these wonderful Magic Tree House books?

The Magic Tree House Books are an award-winning series of books written especially for children, by the American author Mary Pope Osborne. There are 28 books in the series, each with great adventures alongside two children, Jack and Annie. Children can play along with them, discover wonderful things about the past and put their creativity to a good use in solving mysteries. The most famous books are Dinosaurs Before Dark, where Jack and Annie discover the tree house, using the magical books there. They travel back to the Late Cretaceous where they meet a dinosaur that saves them from the ferocious T-Rex. In the Magic Tree House Books, Jack and Annie travel back and forth in the Middle Ages, in Ancient Egypt, in the Caribbean Sea, in Japan, in the Ice Age, etc, as well as meeting famous people such as Merlin, Graham Bell, Edison or Eiffel.

The success behind the Magic Tree House Books can be easily explained by the simple yet captivating stories, full of fantasy and adventure. The author has managed to get inside the minds of the children and write exactly the things they would want to read about. This is just one of the common points that makes Magic Tree House Books series such a loved series. Not only children are very pleased with the Magic Tree House Books, but also the parents who say that children are kept engaged and entertained for hours on end. Regardless if you want to make a quality gift or you simply want to give your child an occupation, then the Magic Tree House Books series is the perfect gift.

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